Cottage Life

Bucks County has so much to offer, you might want to come out and stay awhile.  If that’s the case, why not consider renting a cottage, instead of a hotel room?  With a wealth of history, open space, scenic beauty and small-town charm, Bucks County offers a wide variety of unique cottages, homes and abodes in settings to perfectly match your interests and preferences.  Choose a romantic English cottage in New Hope, or a carriage house on a gorgeous farm.  If you prefer a water view, go for a place along the Delaware River or the Delaware Canal.  History lovers can find many homes that date back to the 1700s, and nature lovers can enjoy quiet quarters nestled amidst woods, streams and fields.  

For a look at what’s available, visit these listings on or Airbnb.  Then come out and experience life in beautiful Bucks!

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