En Guard!

Fencing is big in Bucks County – and we don’t mean the kind that goes around your backyard. We’re talking the fencing made famous by swashbucklers, musketeers and modern day Olympians.

Fencing develops discipline, balance, coordination, and sportsmanship, while helping to develop quicker reflexes and the ability to make lightning fast analyses of tactical situations. It’s a sport that can be enjoyed by men, women and children of all ages. Best of all – if you live in beautiful Bucks County, you can practice your craft at Liberty Fencing Club, an ultra modern facility close to home. The state of the art, 5900 square-foot facility features sprung floors, nine permanent strips, an Olympic aluminum panel grounded strip, overhead reels and scoring machines, heat and air conditioning, a seating/viewing area, and a cafe-style lounge/observation area with refreshments.

Learn more about the benefits of fencing for adults, as well as the scholarship opportunities for college bound youth. Visit the Liberty Fencing Club website – and check out current promotions, including a free first lesson!

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