Every Little Thing About Plumsteadville

Some people love details. That’s a good thing when you’re considering where you might like to put down roots. For those analytical types thinking about a move to Owl’s Nest Farm in Plumstead Township, this info’s for you!

Get the detail on Plumsteadville’s schools, towns, median income, real estate values, businesses and population at Liveability.com. Then check out the Plumsteadville Village Association’s website for info about shops, events, local history and more. Wondering about Plumstead Township services and amenities? Your go-to place for all the facts is the township website.

For those preparing for their next dominating Trivial Pursuit performance, here are some tidbits most people won’t know: Plumstead Township is made up of 27.8 square miles, which equates to 17,792 acres; some of Plumstead’s more famous residents were the Doan Gang, a group of outlaw’s reknowned in the area during the latter part of the 18th century; and the township was formed by English Quakers in 1700!

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