Got a Little Hoops Star?

It’s the season of orange – and we’re not talking Halloween or fall foliage. We’re referring to the orange ball that so many kids love to dribble and shoot. If you have a little basketball fan – and you’re considering a move to Bucks County – Plumstead Township is the place to be.

From August 28 – October 16, the township hosts an 8-week basketball camp for beginners ages 6–8, as well as a skills clinic for kids ages 9–12. Passing, dribbling, shooting, defense and more are all part of format that’s focused on fun and fundamentals in a non-competitive atmosphere.

Searching for a new home? Follow the bouncing ball to Owl’s Nest Farm, and all the family-friendly amenities of practically perfect Plumstead Township!

Post by Evans Homes

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