Simply A-Mazing!

Calling all children of the corn! It’s time to get lost amid the stalks and trails of Bucks County corn mazes.

There are so many to enjoy, from the simple ones that guarantee a sure way out – to others so creative and complicated, you’d be wise to bring rations and gear in case you end up staying awhile. At Snipes Farm, you can learn while you explore with their “Lost in the Woods” theme that includes forest-related clues and activities along with tips on finding your way. You can even explore the maze at night by flashlight! AGA Farms has two corn mazes, a large one with forks, loops and dead ends, and a smaller one that’s easy to navigate and perfect for kids. For maximum befuddlement, head to Hellerick’s Family Farm, and test your skills in their corn field labyrinth by daylight or flashlight. Whether you’re looking for a fun time with family or a freaky night with friends, a Bucks County corn field is the perfect place to play!

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