What’s Your Quilt Quotient?

A quilt is more than something to throw on a bed, or to warm you on a cold night. In fact, every hand-made quilt has a story to tell — about history, love, friendship, family, a special event or memory and so much more. Whatever form they take, the most beautiful quilts are those that are designed and lovingly sewn by hand – or hands – as when friends or family members work together to create a special gift or heirloom.

In Bucks County, quilting is alive and well as there are quilt guilds and fabric stores throughout the county offering quilting classes. See the works of Bucks County’s best crafters at the 13th Annual Bucks County Quilt Show, on display at the Bucks County Visitor Center July 1 through August 31. Close to 100 quilts will be displayed from 25-foot-high beams throughout the Main Gallery. Stop by, and learn about the people who created these works of art and the stories behind them!

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